Strategic Framework


The ACPP believes in:

  • Humanitarian principles
  • Tolerance and respect for all
  • Ethical conduct and behavior
  • Working together towards common goals


To facilitate the professional MH care to children, adolescents and their families by:

  • providing pediatricians with new therapeutic and diagnostic skills;
  • improving detection knowledge end better management of MH care;
  • setting up a network of patients' referrals between the primary care system and qualified psychological and psychiatric institutions;
  • providing education for public through the publication of handbooks, brochures;
  • conducting radio and TV programs to achieve greater awareness and understanding of MH in order to overcome fear and prejudice;
  • developing of appropriate knowledge on matter of MH in school circumstances;
  • developing teacher's psychological skills to understand and give the possible care for improving MH in schools;
  • enhancement of working network between primary health care professionals, school professionals, and CAMH care services in Armenia.

Code of behavior

  • We are open, in our communication, with full disclosure of information.
  • We value the wealth of experience and knowledge that each of us brings to our common goals.
  • We identify and address issues, problems and conflicts in a timely manner.
  • We work towards the common good, while respecting our differences.
  • We seek first to understand then to be understood; we listen carefully.
  • We are open-minded in decision making, are supportive in implementing decisions; we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes.


  • Providing therapeutic service along with a multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Providing a combination of psycho-social and biological approaches of treatment.
  • To develop and promote international standards in therapeutic work, considering ethno- psychological, cultural and other national characteristics.
  • Further development and enrichment of the network between organizations involved in child MH.
  • To enlarge and to expand the number of organizations and individuals involved in CAMH network.
  • To increase the number of sustainable projects in the CAMH field.
  • To encourage the participation of ACPP members in the International Conferences and Meetings.
  • Making new professional contacts and participation in Global MH network.
  • Creation of a new post for the Public Relation Manager.

Providing public and professional education

  • To attract young professionals in the current issues of MH.
  • To encourage research and scientific activities among ACPP members and friends.
  • To maintain and enhance the image of MH rather than Mental Disorders.
  • To maintain the training programs for MH and related professionals.
  • To provide Destigmatization programmes.

Improvement and maintenance of managerial system

  • To develop, implement and monitor the Management Plan.
  • To ensure and monitor an effective financial process.
  • To ensure efficient and effective communication systems, structures and processes.
  • To ensure effective and economical use of technology and to expand the distribution of leadership.
  • To define relationships among International CAMH Institutions and individuals.
  • To ensure the efficient and effective governing of ACPP strategy.
  • To raise the ACPP image world-wide in order to be recognized as Professional NGO.

Measurable indicators

  • Increased number of treated patients along with the number of referred cases.
  • More than 1200 patients and their families have been treated and as a result have a better quality of life.
  • Beneficiaries are able to function better both within the family and society.
  • Database indicating that Self and professional-referrals.
  • Positive feedbacks received from service users.
  • Number of networking organizations and institutions have increased.
  • Beneficiaries from far regions have a chance to be treated locally.
  • The number of self-referrals has increased.
  • Medical charts are maintained appropriately. (Professional Review of Medical Charts showing the appropriateness of case management both clinically and administratively).
  • Staff have participated in the trainings/conferences.
  • Have received positive results from both financial and narrative audit.